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Aleris enables its customers to capture aluminum’s unlimited potential #TheAlerisStory

Jul 21

We are committed to making safety our #1 priority at Aleris. #NOMW #StayVigilant

RT @ModernMetalsMag: .@Aleriscorp to supply aluminum products for @AirbusGroup aircrafts @CrainsCleveland

Aleris recently secured a contract with John R Wald Company, Inc. providing them license plate stock in 2017 & 2018

Jul 19

Aleris is proud to announce that we have signed a new multi-year contract w/ @Airbus to supply aluminum plate, sheet, & wing skin material

Jul 18

Did you know? The Wright brothers used aluminum to build their plane’s engine; aluminum was lightweight and had the needed horsepower.

Jul 15

Did you know? Recycling aluminum takes 95 percent less energy than extracting new aluminum from ore, according to the EPA.

Jul 14

Aleris recently earned the Circle of Excellence award for increasing our customer survey scores in NA!